Happy Thanksgiving, sports fans!

Today is Thanksgiving , which means Americans eat more than normal (if that’s possible) and get larger than they already are (if that’s possible). We don’t really celebrate it here in SA. It’s a bit like Halloween – a handful of people use it as an excuse to have a drink and be merry. If we did celebrate it […]

Kevin Pietersen: the infamous autobiography reviewed

Where do I start? I’m not even sure. Well, let’s get this out of the way first…. I am a HUGE Kevin Pietersen fan and have always agreed with everything he’s done in the past. I think he had every right to leave South Africa when he wasn’t selected for the Natal side and I loved […]

5 truly horrific sporting stories

  Happy Halloween, sports nuts!  This is the holiday where people seem to get a thrill out of frightening themselves so we thought we’d get the ball rolling. This is our pick of the five most terrifying sporting moments in recent history… 5. Arsenal brutally annihilated In August 2011, millions of us sat down with a cold […]

Could the English Premiership be a three horse race?

Ask a hundred people who will win the English Premier league this year and 55 will say Chelsea, while the remaining 45 would probably say Manchester City. But is it the craziest thing to throw Manchester United into the mix? Now that you’re back from falling off your chair – here’s why I think you’d […]