#LeftBackHIGH5: Super 15’s Top Beards

We’ve noticed a trend in this year’s Super 15, one that should have you thinking about how memorable this season really was. Of course, we’re talking about the welcome return of the beard to the rugby field. At LeftBacks HQ we have heaps of respect for beards, and we have duly noted the abundance of iconic rugby personalities sporting […]

Hanging With The LeftBacks: Juan’s Top 5 Amping Songs

If you’re anything like us here at LeftBacks HQ, if you leave your iPod at home when going to your local gym, you turn around and exercise another day. Music plays a massive role in not only getting through exercise but also in getting you ready for it. In this two part series – we […]

#LeftBackHigh5: 5 Biggest Sportsmen

While some sportsmen have personalities and egos that are larger than life – others are biologically immense. Their physical stature creates an intimidating presence that almost always gets sports fans talking and opponents cowering. In this week’s #LeftBackHigh5, we take a closer look at 5 athletes that are large and in charge. Disclaimer: While it would’ve […]

#LeftBackHigh5: Top sports bars in Cape Town

Winter is coming and we’re not talking Game of Thrones. As the chill of winter descends upon South Africa, outdoor braais and garden sports start to make way for indoor activities. Here at LeftBacks HQ our favourite winter pastime by far is catching a good sporting event at a good bar. The vibe, the buzz, the beers – your […]

#TuesdayHIGH5: Most Expensive Sporting Events

Those who know me personally will know that the missus and I are embarking on a pilgrimage to the rugby homeland. That’s right – we’re heading to England for the semi and final of Rugby World Cup 2015! We won’t, however, be visiting the stadiums for the games due to the fact that a ticket will […]