Happy Thanksgiving, sports fans!

Today is Thanksgiving , which means Americans eat more than normal (if that’s possible) and get larger than they already are (if that’s possible). We don’t really celebrate it here in SA. It’s a bit like Halloween – a handful of people use it as an excuse to have a drink and be merry. If we did celebrate it […]

#MondayHIGH5: Ridiculously Apt Names in Sport

Last week we brought you five of the most unfortunate names in sport, and man are there some shockers out there. The good news is that there are also a couple of really great ones. Think about it: Bolt the sprinter, Woods the golfer and Quentin Jammer the NFL quarterback – it’s almost as if […]

#MondayHIGH5: 5 Unfortunate Names in Sport

An unfortunate name is bad for anyone. It’s much worse if you are a professional sportsman though. Think about it – people actually make a living from saying your name, printing it on a jersey and writing it on the boxes of action figures. The horror. Let’s take a quick look at 5 sportsmen with particularly […]