Do we all owe Mr Domingo an apology?

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For months and months, we’ve all disliked Russell DominGO as the Proteas coach and have BEGGED the CSA to sack him. But now that we’re destroying the Aussies – does it mean they’re completely horrible or do we owe our coach an apology?

OK – So Australia have been more useless than a inflatable dartboard, but why? Is it because we’ve been superbly brilliant or are they just rubbish. I reckon it probably a combination of both.

Lets not forget that, in terms of world rankings, Australia are (for now) third and we are fifth. In the individual rankings, Australia have Steve Smith and David Warner in the top 10 batsmen, while we have De Villiers and Hashim Amla. Mitchell Starc and Josh Hazlewood are in the top 10 of the bowling department, while we have Dale Steyn and Vernon Philander. So they currently have four players in the top 10 of their respective discipline and we have (with Steyn and AB at home) just two. So they have the best players, but clearly they don’t have a decent squad.

The next thing we all complained about was the lack of depth in our cricket. I still think this is a massive concern. The standard of our domestic cricket is frighteningly poor. But…. we lost our best player, AB de Villiers, and then Dale Steyn to injury. In stepped their replacements and passed the “Test” with flying colours. I think in the Protea set-up, we have decent depth to be able to compete with the rest of the world. But in five or six years time, when this side retires, what will we be left with? That’s what gives me sleepless nights.

When we were getting spun like tops in India last December or chasing leather around Newlands against England in January – we were all screaming for the likes a Duminy to be dropped. Were we right and Domingo was just blindly loyal to his men, or were we just impatient and our coach knew what he saw in the nets and waited for the cream to rise to the top? The same now goes for people asking for Hash or Cook to be dropped – should we not be patient and loyal? Should we not accept that players have bad series and that they’ll produce their best again.

I’m really not sure what the answers are to these questions? One question could settle this debate:

If we played against India or England now, in current form…. would we beat them?

If that answer is yes…. I guess you all need to reply after me: Dear Mr Domingo. We apologise, we were wrong and you were right”

Eeeeewww, I feel a little dirty after that – there’s a bitter taste in my mouth and a warm humble pie in my oven.

It’s always great to beat the Aussies, and there really is nothing sweeter than winning 5-0 in the home ODI series and then 2-1 in the Test series in their back yard. Well done boys.





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