Durban July for Dummies

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90% of those going to the Durban July are going to be seen and to soak up the vibe, champagne and food. But there are some who are a little more serious about betting on the sport. This is for those people…

Durban July

There are a couple of methods you can use when it comes to betting on the horses. You could bet on the jockey wearing your favourite colour, the horse in the lane of your lucky number, or you the jockey you find most attractive.

We’ve decided to do a bit more research though, in the name of an educated bet. We’ve also tried to learn about horse race betting. For example: for the Durban July, and other races for that matter, you get to bet on your horse to win, or to finish in the top four. It’s called an “each-way” bet. So you’d actually place two bets. If you bet R50, it will double it into a R100 bet, R50 will go towards the horse winning and the other R50 will go towards it finishing first, second, third or fourth. So if your horse wins, you win both the bets (your horse finished 1st and in the top 4) and cash in the full amount, but if your horse finishes second, third or fourth, you wont win the first bet but will win the second, and cash in 1/4 of your bet.

All of this seems quite confusing but it’s worth understanding: there are 18 horses in the final race, and the winner gets 3.5 million rand. If you’re going to the races, why not just do a little bit of homework and have a better shot at paying back that new suit or pair of shoes you bought for the event.

So this is our official recommendation:


Majmu is the horse we are backing to win the July, or at least finish in the top four. Majmu is a four year old Grey Filly that seems to be in fine form. She is only fourth favourite to win the main race which means her odds are great. Sportingbet has her at 6/1, meaning that a R100 bet (i.e. R50 each way bet) will return R452.

Majmu’s last five races have resulted in four 1st place finishes and a 2nd place which seems as good a form as you could ask for. Another reason to back her, is that she’s Australian – and we all know how the Aussies love to come to SA and win.

If you want to get in on the action and back Majmu with us, or any horse for that matter, get on to Sportingbet and lay down your pick.

Good luck to all the horses, and come on Majmu!

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