Fantasy Football – GW15

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Apologies for us missing last weeks post – and it’s a real pity, as Gameweek 13 saw us rake it a very tasty 80 points, which saw us get inside the top 9,000 places globally. But as this season seems to have gone for us, we have a good week, followed by an average week.

Jamie Vardy scored a record breaking 11th goal in a row for Leicester (and us) along with Lukaku and Barkley who also managed to find the net for Team Leftbacks. Sanchez and Barkley managed an assist each. We have no clean sheets to speak of.

We managed 50 points, when the overall average was 51, meaning we dropped places once again. We’re now in position 19,113 out of over 3.5 million people. Safe to say we are still happy with our side.



Last week we made our worst transfer of the season. We brought Juan Mata in and he scored two points. The man we took out, Kevin de Bruyne scored 16 points. Not our finest transfer. This week we just can’t continue to give Alexis Sanchez any more chances. He hasn’t performed for us and his latest hamstring niggle is exactly the thing we need to get rid of him. We are also not happy with our defence, we want it to be stronger.


We have two free transfers available to us.

Sanchez is valued at over 11 million, meaning whoever you replace him with, will leave us with money to spend elsewhere. His team mate, Ozil, is just in outrageous form at the moment. Two goals and nine assists in his last eight games proves this, so we’ve brought him in. Our only worry is that we’ve maybe missed the boat and should have got him six or seven weeks ago.

That transfer allows us to upgrade Cameron to Alderweireld. Spurs seem to be in decent form at the moment and Alderweireld is picking up bonus points, a few goals this season and has great fixtures coming up.



Arsenal v Sunderland could get messy and Ozil will be at the centre of that mauling. At the moment he has the armband for us – but we are VERY temped to give it to Hazard vs Bournemouth. That is another game that might be a rugby score if the Blues click into form.


What changes are you making this week? Share your thoughts with us @Leftbacks on Twitter or in the comments below.

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