Fantasy Football – GW2

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What a bizarre opening weekend we had in the English Premier League. Most “Big Name” players failed to flatter us with any fantasy points, whilst players from teams like Leicester and Palace scored big, resulting in a lot of very disappointed FPL managers on Tuesday morning.

38 points, put Team Leftbacks above the average of 34, so we were more satisfied than frustrated. After one gameweek, we find ourselves in position 848,360 out of over three million people.





It would be easy to have a knee jerk reaction after a poor start, but we see no reason. We’re sitting comfortably above the average and my opinion is that the people transferring in Leicester players are absolutely crackers.


Simple answer: we’re not going to make one. With both Aguero and Sanchez getting some game time this weekend, we’re going to have to get them into our side sooner rather than later, meaning we’ll need two transfers to get one of them in.



We gave a long hard thought to Wayne Rooney, but we’ve left him as our vice captain and decided to go with Christian Benteke. He faces a promoted team in Bournemouth and it’s on Monday night, meaning we still have double points available to us in the final match.


What changes are you making this week? Share your thoughts with us @Leftbacks on Twitter or in the comments below.

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