Fantasy Football – GW35

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After being in 18,000th position in the overall rankings just three weeks ago, we slipped to outside the top 50,000 with some bad captaincy decisions. So we played our wildcard so that we could “bench boost” in Gameweek 34.

De Gea (12) kept two clean sheets for us, Darmian (17) only played one game but kept a clean sheet, got a goal, an assist and three bonus points. Moreno and Clyne also only played one game but kept a clean sheet, meaning six points a piece. In midfield, De Bruyne (8) and Payet (6) played two games but only got an assist each, while Courtinho (8) scored in his only match – but it was Sanchez that shined for us! Three goal and five bonus points in his two games meant a haul of 25 points, doubled to 50! Up front, Aguero (26) got four goals and six bonus points and Rashford (10) got himself a goal.

We managed a mammoth score of 172 points, when the overall average was just 79. We’re rather pumped! We’re now in position 17,927 out of over 3.7 million people.  We’re delighted but want to stay in the top 20,000.



Gameweek 35 is a blank GW for West Ham, Man Utd, Everton, Watford, Palace and Norwich, which means many teams won’t field 11 players. Something to also keep in mind is that GW 37, a number of teams play twice… one of those teams are Chelsea.


Yes, Chelsea are rubbish, but we’re taking a chance on them! De Bruyne out for Pedro, Lukaku out for Costa. Just typing this, we know we’re making a silly decision! We’re also convinced the likes of Clyne, Moreno and Coutinho will be rested by Klopp and the BFG will play over Gabriel. But if we only have 7 players…. so be it… our team is now in the hands of the FPL god’s.



The two obvious choices are Aguero and Sanchez, we’re just worried that Aguero won’t get 90 minutes due to Champions league on Tuesday andcSanchez is playing Sunderland, who are fighting for their lives down in relegation. Bournemouth have nothing to play for… maybe Chelsea will give them a hiding! Costa gets the armband.


What changes are you making this week?  Share your thoughts with us @Leftbacks on Twitter or in the comments below.

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