Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 22

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Let’s get the obvious statement out the way first: I chose the wrong captain. I decided on Hazard this week and he did nothing. I also decided, as you can read in last week’s article, to bring in Di Maria. I had enough money to bring in any midfielder of my choosing – did I go with Sanchez, the best midfielder in FPL? No. No I didn’t. Sanchez got two goals, an assist and three bonus points. Di Maria got taken off after 71 minutes.

Only Downing (7), Silva (7), Austin (8) and Costa (6) scored points for me this week.

44 points, with an average of 52 meant the standard red arrows for the fourth time in five weeks. I am now officially having my worst fantasy season of all time. After finishing 2,700th only two seasons ago, my position now is plain awful.  I’m  only just outside the top 4000 in the country and 282 000th globally. Ridiculously poor! Nowhere near good enough for my side.




I know what you’re thinking – after five pathetic weeks in a row, I should play my wildcard. But the thing is, I’m delusional. I really don’t think my side is THAT bad. The other reason is that Manchester City are playing Arsenal this week and Chelsea next week. I don’t want to be in a situation of having four or five players playing in one match. So I’m hoping to get through these two weeks and play my wildcard at the end of January. Is that too late? Probably, but it’s how I’m going to attempt it.

I’ve given Benteke four weeks to prove himself now and he’s done nothing – so his stay will be a short one with me. I’ve also decided to finally get rid of Wilson of Stoke. He’s not my best buy, but I’ve had him since gameweek one. He started off being a disappointment, and now he can’t even get a game at Stoke.


Finding a replacement for Wilson is simple enough as I have money in the bank. I’ve brought in Ryan Bertrand. Southampton had their rocky patch in December as we predicted, but then have done amazingly well against three top sides in their last three matches.  The Saints drew to Chelsea and then beat Arsenal and United, keeping a clean sheet against both. I’m hoping that form continues.

Up front I’m going to bring in the in-form Spurs striker, Harry Kane. Being a Spurs supporter I wanted to bring him in months ago, but when you support Spurs, you are immediately a cynic, and I was no different with Kane. I kept thinking his form would stop or he’d be benched etc. But the time for the HarriKane is now!




Who even cares?! If history has taught us anything it’s that my captain won’t do well. Downing captain. Kane, vice.


What changes are you making this week? Share your thoughts with @Leftbacks on Twitter and tweet me who you think I should captain.

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