Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 26

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Things are looking up.

Since playing my Wildcard two weeks ago, I have scored above the average on both occasions. But some things never change – and as usual, I continued to select the incorrect captain. Last week, Sturridge (8), Aguero (11) and Kane (11) led the line brilliantly for me – did I give one of them the armband? Of course not! I handed it to Santi Cazorla, who scored two pathetic points.

48 points, with an average of 40, means that at least my side is looking better. My season is all about damage control at the moment, I won’t be getting into the top 20 000 like I wanted to, but now I just have to keep moving up.





This is a really tough one to make. I have two free transfers, but next week Chelsea, Spurs, Leicester and QPR don’t play. Then the week after that, Spurs and QPR play twice. So I want Spurs players, but I don’t want them right now. It’s a strange one. Chelsea play Burnley this week, but I can’t bring in Costa as he doesn’t play next week. So I think I need to get rid of Eriksen this week, and bring him in again in two weeks’ time for their double gameweek.


Who to bring in for Eriksen? I can’t choose a Chelsea player even though that’s super tempting. I therefore have to look at who has two easy fixtures coming up. Arsenal is tempting, but I have three of their players already. I’m therefore left with the two Manchester Clubs, but I only have 8.6 to spend. Options then exclude Yaya Toure, Silva and Di Maria. I can afford Mata, but he is out of favour anyway. So in a nutshell, I’m left with Nasri. I can’t say I’m happy bringing him in – he’s usually the player who assists the player who gets the assist. But it’s my only real option.




Aguero captain, Hazard vice. Sorry Sergio, knowing my luck you’re not going to score this weekend.


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