Holly Holm KO’s Ronda Rousey

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Even if, like me, you don’t watch any sort of mixed martial arts fighting – you will still know the name Ronda Rousey. She’s 28 years old and just beating the shite out of any women who has the guts to step into the ring with her. Until this weekend, she has fought in 12 fights and comfortably won all 12 of then. Not a single fight lasting more than a minute. She is quite possibly the most dominant sports person on the planet.

Here’s a compilation of her last 3 fights, which lasted about a minute in total

Up step Holly Holm. She is a former boxer and kick boxer. She’s fought 10 previous MMA fights, winning all 10, 7 by KO. So it wasn’t exactly The Springboks vs Japan when these two met this weekend, but the bookies gave huge odds of 20/1 if you were stupid   brave enough to bet against the dominant Rousey.


Well…… Holm shocked everyone when she kicked Rousey in the neck, knocking her out and sending her to hospital.

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