#LeftBackHigh5: 5 Weirdest Sports

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There was a moment during the curling event at last year’s Winter Olympics where the sports watching fraternity uttered a collective “What the hell am I watching?”

The concept of sweeping the ice with a broom to allow a weighted stone to land as close to a bullseye as possible, is truly something you have to see to believe.

So what are some of the other weird and wonderful sporting events out there? In this week’s #High5 we take a closer look…

5) Shin Kicking


The name says it all. In this sport, two contestants kick each other in the shins until one falls over. Practiced since the 17th century, athletes used to toughen up by hitting themselves in the shins with a hammer.

4) Extreme Ironing


In this sport, contestants take an ironing board to remote locations where they are able to combine the thrill of extreme sport with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt. Remote locations include in canoes, in forests, on mountains and even on packed motorways.

3) Toe Wrestling


Toe wrestling was started during what was probably a drunken conversation between four mates in a bar in England. The quartet felt that the only solution to England’s consistent failure to produce a world champion was to create a new sport. The idea worked, as one of the founders was the first world champion before going down to a Canadian tourist a year later.

2) Chess Boxing


Like a bizarre biathlon, chess boxing is a combination between boxing and chess in alternating rounds. The concept is supposed to be a test of both brains and brawn. The sport and has enjoyed considerable popularity in countries like Germany, Russia and India.

1) Cardboard Tube Duelling


Another sport with a cryptic name – in this event contestants look to break their opponent’s cardboard tube without breaking their own. Started in 2007, the Cardboard Tube Fighting League has three core beliefs: people need more plays to play and take themselves less seriously, events can be fun without alcohol and lastly, cardboard sword fighting is fun.

There ya go, five weird sports that might one day feature in the Olympics. Have we left any off? Get involved by hitting us with a comment or a tweet @leftbacks.

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