#MondayHIGH5: Joining the gym? 5 things to look out for.

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Here at LeftBacks Hil_340x270.480366934_kou3Q we’re not afraid to admit that we might’ve enjoyed one too many Windhoek Lagers this festive season. As a result, you’ll find us sweating at the nearest gym for most of January.

Planning on joining us? Good to hear – here’s 5 things you need to expect.

5) Packed saunas/steam rooms/pools

Some of the facilities at the gym are clearly more popular than others and whether you’re planning on going in the morning or the evening – you can expect to share the pool/sauna/steam room.

Also, word of caution – the sign instructing people to ‘always wear underwear at all times’ is almost always ignored.

LeftBack’s survival tip: Go in the afternoon

4) Shameless exhibitionism

I can only speak for the guy’s bathroom, and I have it on good authority that the girl’s is the same, but walking in there is like Sandy Bay on a scorching summer’s day. The place is packed with some of the most casual nudity you’ll ever see.

LeftBack’s survival tip: Never let your eyes dip. Ever.

3) Over ear headphones

I know right? You are wearing as little clothing as possible to keep the heat at bay and then you cover half of your head with clunky (albeit often stylish) headphones.

I really don’t get this one or am I missing something?

LeftBack’s survival tip: Practice your unsurprised face.

2) What does this button do?

This is particularly true on the super circuit. If a machine has 4 different levers for adjusting the various settings of said machine (back position, seat height, ankles, calves, arms etc) – you can expect that each and every one of those settings have been changed to suit what can only be a Romanian contortionist.

LeftBack’s survival tip: Allow yourself time to first correct it before getting your work out underway.

1) Parking laziness

Human nature dictates that even when we’re visiting an establishment for the purposes of exercise – we prefer not doing too much exercise getting to the door. The gym parking lot is full of cars circling back and waiting around for a parking to open that is slightly closer to the entrance. Counterproductive but true.

LeftBack’s survival tip: Just park at the back of the parking lot – it’s almost always open.

There you go – all you need to know to get 2015 off on the right foot. Anything we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @leftbacks.

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