Social Sport: So Good For The Soul

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For a long time, action cricket was something I’d last played at a friends 11th birthday and if memory serves me correctly – while I took a blinding catch, overall, I wasn’t even close to good – but I did enjoy it. So when the opportunity came around again in 2013 to stand in on a mate’s team, I warned him that I probably still sucked, but accepted the offer none the less.

That was approximately 4 seasons ago.

Since that day, even though I do still suck, I’ve become a permanent member of team ROFL and for me, meeting up with the dudes once a week, is one of the highlights of my week.

It’s such a great opportunity to just unwind and forget about the day you’ve had, the day you have tomorrow and anything else that might be on your mind.

It’s like bowling, batting yoga.

That’s why I show up anyways, but what about the rest of the team? What do they like about action cricket/team ROFL? Only way to know for sure was to ask them via our ever active Whatsapp group.

The first answer came from our strike bowler, Jonathan, and it was brief but accurate. “Beer”. Tough to argue with this point, a Castle Draught at the Action Cricket arena just tastes better.

The second answer came from star fielder, Cavan, who felt that there was nothing quite as rewarding as smashing a 7 off the bowling of an 11 year old. I hear ya and agree Cav – it’s the only way that young man can better himself.

The third answer was far more philosophical and came from our captain, Kris, who said, and I quote, “Social sports, such as action cricket culminates in a philsophy of friendships, binding players together in a team ethos, which only emphasises the immense social aspect of the sport. Team ROFL action cricket seeks to embody this ethos with it’s great team building activities which place on and off the pitch. The latter taking place at the 19th hole, so to speak”. Accurately encapsulated again – action cricket is about belonging to a team, a team ethos, and celebrating – win or lose.

The final comment came from Riaan, top order batsmen and bowler, who effectively echoed Kris’ sentiment in that win or lose, once week, a group of “ouens” get together to, well… drink beer and maybe some cricket happens. Again, spot on.


All jokes aside, I think one thing I’ve learnt recently is that relaxation of body and mind are both of paramount importance for the modern man. You need to find those pockets of space that allows you to top up on soul food – a critical ingredient in giving you a spring in your step the next day.

So we recommend you try it. Rope a team together, take up a social sport and enter a league. (hint: ideally you’ll want to stick to the lower leagues as it’s less competitive and more festive)

I promise you you won’t regret it.


  1. A fantastic post! it accurately and eloquently paints a great picture of Social Sports such as Action Cricket.

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