The opening matches of the premier league: what we’ve learnt so far

What a crazy start to the English Premier League football season! We all thought we had a good idea of what results the opening fixtures would produce. The opening day saw Manchester United and Manchester City claim maximum points, but to everyone’s shock, neither Arsenal nor Chelsea could claim victory. The gunners lost 2-0 to their London rivals, […]

Spurs need to lose right now if they hope to succeed

Let’s be honest with each other: we’ve all experienced the words “tough love” from the mouths of our parents at least once. Often followed by a line like “because I love you” or “it’s in your best interest”. And in time, we inevitably realise that they were right – it really was for our own good. This […]

Could the English Premiership be a three horse race?

Ask a hundred people who will win the English Premier league this year and 55 will say Chelsea, while the remaining 45 would probably say Manchester City. But is it the craziest thing to throw Manchester United into the mix? Now that you’re back from falling off your chair – here’s why I think you’d […]