Selection timing can make or break a test career

Timing is everything. Depending on when you get your dream call-up to represent the national side, your career could last a month or last a decade. The Proteas test opening position is a prime example of this. I’ve been reading so many articles and Twitter feeds moaning about how poor Heino Kuhn was in England and […]

The Proteas are number one – so why aren’t we positive?

The Champions Trophy has arrived and the Proteas are ranked number one in the world, like we usually are going into an ICC tournament – so why are we not confident about lifting the trophy? It’s not unusual for South Africa to go into ICC tournaments ranked as the best in the world. We seem to be experts at […]

Truth be told, India are just playing to their strengths

This Test series has left the Proteas in tatters and the South African public in a raging temper . But have India even done anything wrong? I’m having exactly the same feelings as the rest of South Africa’s cricket fans. Feelings of frustration and anger. Feelings of wanting our boys just to come home for what will be a far […]

Who will play in the Cricket World Cup semi-finals?

What have we learnt from the Cricket World Cup so far? I’d say New Zealand and India are looking superb. Pakistan, West Indies and Bangladesh are lucky to still be in the tournament. Australia haven’t played as many overs as they’d have liked to at this point. Sri Lanka have miraculously flown under the radar and South Africa […]