The search for Cape Town’s best ribs – Pirates

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A great evening includes sport on the big screen and some tasty grub. After a craving for ribs a while back – a discussion ensued about which restaurant in Cape Town serves the best ribs. We then decided that we’re going to try a bunch of places and rate them. The only rule – no big chains like Spur, Cattle Baron etc

So we’ve tried Hudsons and Sticky Fingers and had mixed reviews. So after a handful of suggestions, we headed out to Pirates in Plumstead.


As per usual, we walked in, asked for the ribs and a bottle of wine, and sat back and took in the surroundings. It’s a weird vibe in there, the minute we walked in – we felt like we were transported back to the late 80’s or early 90’s. It just had that feel to it.

They serve 400g pork belly ribs, which sounded sensational, and what arrived was nothing short of that. The ribs were large, the meat fell off the bone and the meat was marinated to absolute perfection. It was so tasty, that our only disappointment after finishing the meal, was that we didn’t order the 700g portion. It was that great!


Overall, Pirates is a bizarre place – the décor is from a few decades ago and the presentation of their food is too. I remember in the early to mid 90’s, you were always served a lettuce leaf with a slice of tomato and onion ring on top, and your vegetables were always a bowl with spinach and butternut. It’s exactly what we got here. But as two blokes who went for the ribs – we were so impressed. Walking out, we wondered if we’ll find any better in Cape Town.


400g Pork Belly Ribs:

Cost: R130

Served with: A choice of chips or vegetables

Rating: 9/10

Which restaurant do you reckon serves Cape Town’s greatest ribs? Let us know by tweeting us at @Leftbacks and we’ll go try them out.

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