The search for Cape Town’s best ribs – Sticky Fingers

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A great evening includes sport on the big screen and some tasty grub. After a craving for ribs a while back – a discussion ensued about which restaurant in Cape Town serves the best ribs. We then decided that we’re going to try a bunch of places and rate them. The only rule – no big chains like Spur, Cattle Baron etc

So we’ve had Hudsons and were quite disappointed. So we quickly moved on last week to Sticky Fingers in Obs.  Many of you suggested we try it, so we were expecting great things

As per usual, we walked in, asked for the beef ribs and a bottle of wine, but they told us that they don’t have any wine… as in NONE… zero…. they’re all out. But luckily for them – we were there to rate their ribs, not their wine or their service.


The ribs arrived and our initial impressions were that of disappointed as they were cut for us, we were expecting a full rack. Apart from that – there was nothing more we could complain about. The meat fell off the bone and tasted superb. If we’re being ultra-picky, we’d maybe want a touch more basting on the ribs, but that’s us being very petty.


Overall, Sticky Fingers was great, the restaurant in small but very pub-like which we liked. The meat was tasty and the sides of onion rings and sweet potato fries were delicious. Have we found Cape Town’s best ribs? Maybe…. but we hope there’s even better out there.


500g Beef Ribs:

Cost: R130

Served with: A choice of onion-rings, chips or sweet potato fries

Rating: 8.5/10

Which restaurant do you reckon serves Cape Town’s greatest ribs? Let us know by tweeting us at @Leftbacks and we’ll go try them out.

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