What happened to Frans Steyn?

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What is going on with Frans Steyn? Where is the humble 19-year-old star of the 2007 World Cup Final that everyone knew and loved? And is he ever coming back?


These are the questions we’re all asking ourselves in the wake of Steyn receiving a five-week suspension for a tip tackle on Aaron Cruden two weeks ago.

For me, the hit was definitely worthy of a red. Watch it again. (if you can find it – I couldn’t).

Watch how he intentionally lifted the guy, twisted him, dropped him on his shoulders / neck and then smirked as he got his marching orders.

Pretty bad attitude that.

Then there was the Stormers vs. Sharks game a week or two before that, where he made Kolbe his bitch at least five times – two of which were late. In this game he was also eventually shown yellow and sent from the pitch.

There was also the incident where he ‘got in his car and left’ a Durban Bok camp due to what was later confirmed as “mechanisms by which one element of Frans’ Springbok remuneration was to be paid” – essentially it was about money. Here I am slightly more sympathetic to his plight but I do still think that he acted like a bit of a diva. This whole incident eventually led to Frans withdrawing from the Bok fold.

So as you can see, he has become a bit of a thug with a bad attitude.

But why?

Is the problem that Frans Steyn, like many celebrities, has done too much too quickly? Think about it, what else does he need to achieve? He’s won a World Cup, a Tri Nations, a Currie Cup – the list goes on.

This is almost certainly the problem, but what’s the solution?

In my humble opinion, in a World Cup year, Steyn needs to reassess why he is on the rugby field in the first place. Is it to play the game he was born to play, or is it to fulfill some other personal agenda? The reality is that his presence at the World Cup later this year ultimately depends on his attitude.

Get it together, Steyn!

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