5 provincial captains who should never (never ever) captain the Boks.

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There’s been much hype about the fact that Jean has played his last game at Newlands in the beloved Green and Gold and that got me thinking – who then should be our next fearless leader?

With Rugby World Cup 2015 fast approaching, it’s understood that Jean will call it a day after holding that coveted trophy aloft for the third time in Springbok history and there are a couple of players that could step up to take the captain’s armband.

So, I thought this would be a good juncture as any to assess who of our provincial captains shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the captaincy.

1)    Pierre Spies
The first is Pierre Spies. Besides the fact that “Spier” Spies can hardly string two consecutive seasons together – he is nowhere near the best number 8 in the country at the moment. The peaking order is Duane, Burger, Whitely, Van Der Walt, anybody else who can play number 8, and then Spies.

2)    Deon Stegmann
Stegmann has a similar problem to Spies in that he hasn’t lasted a full season since he started playing rugby. That aside, the 6 cap wonder is prone to disciplinary indiscretions that are totally unbecoming of any captain – let alone as leader of the republic.

3)    Derick Minnie
Derick “penalty machine” Minnie is another man who has somehow been selected as a leader of his provincial union. Strange huh? Besides the fact that his number one tactic on the field is to burrow under the skin of everybody wearing a jersey that doesn’t match his – he would struggle to make any Bok starting line-up.  So he’s not any option either.

4)    Luke Watson
Who could forget the furore Watson’s Bok selection caused in 2007 and the fact that the very sight of the Bok jersey made him want to toss his cookies? A good player, Watson’s career has been marred by Tourette like outbursts that required constant apology. I do think that this is one guy that wouldn’t accept a spot in the Bok team even if they offered him one on a green and gold platter. But they wouldn’t.

5)    Bismarck Du Plessis
My fifth and final choice is far less obvious – the quality of the man is undeniable and there is very little doubt that he is among the best hookers on the planet. But it’s debatable whether he is a team player – on more than one occasion has he been caught throwing a tantrum when getting subbed and after recently giving Strauss the cold shoulder when taking over against New Zealand this appears to have been verified. Also, the captain has to have an assured spot in the team and with Strauss breathing down his neck – I’m not sure that’ll ever be the case.

There you have it, 5 people who shouldn’t be allowed near a leadership role in the Springbok setup. Anyone I have left off the list? Let us know in the comments!

Next time we’ll take a look at 5 options for players who could potentially take over from JdV in a post World Cup era. Have ideas? Post those in the comments too while you’re at it.

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