AB is the employer, CSA is the employee.

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Cricket South Africa in an ABsolute state, and it needs to be sorted out!

Any cricket nation would count its blessings to have a player like AB
de Villiers, Mr 360 as he is known, for scoring all around the ground. No cricket ground is too big for AB. Cricket South Africa now finds itself in a position where it’s the employee and Mr 360 is the employer. AB has told the media that after the England tour, where the Proteas lost the series 3 – 1, that he will sit down with Cricket South Africa to decide a way forward.

Whatever the outcome of that meeting is, Cricket South Africa needs to find a way to make players not think that they’re bigger than the team, regardless of who they are. This whole debacle could’ve easily been avoided if CSA had told AB from the get-go, that if his priorities had changed, he must either step down from test cricket or continue playing without picking and choosing his tours. It’s the selectors job to pick him or not to pick him.

Cricket is very much a team sport and when it comes to any team sport,
each and every player must feel important and wanted in the team, in
order to get the best out of the squad. When Cricket South Africa now
finds itself giving AB some time to spend with his family because
international cricket is very demanding and to “manage his workload”, especially for players that play in all three formats, one has to consider the likes of Faf du Plessis and Hashim Amla who are also in their

An age where you need to look beyond cricket. Those players also
play in all three formats and have families, will they also be given
time to take breaks from test cricket? Since test cricket seems like
its the format that takes a lot of time away from home. Mr 360 is
getting a lot of backlash from former players like Herschelle Gibbs and
Ashwell Prince about the stance he has taken regarding his future. Former captain, Graeme Smith, has already stated that Faf must take over the captaincy in ODI.

The all important meeting between AB de Villiers and Cricket South
Africa should determine the way forward but whatever the outcome out
of that meeting, AB will still be seen as the employer and Cricket
South Africa being the employee.

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