Boys’ weekends are good for the soul!

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As we get older, life always seems busier than it used to be and weekends away tend to include couples and often, kids. Every now and then – a boys-only weekend is in order, and it’s great!


Last Saturday, my alarm went off at 4:30am – it’s been a while since I’ve been excited to wake up that early. Just before 5, I was on the road to meet up with some mates, for 24 hours with the lads.

By 7:30, 17 of us were standing on the first tee at Hermanus Golf Club, ready for 18 holes of laughs and friendly aggression. It was a private competition between four teams of four, where the winners received a trophy (which, typically, the organiser left in CT) and more gin shooters than the rest of us. The golf was a mere sideshow for the banter.


The next few hours were spent violently critiquing each other’s golf game, and laughing at the miss putts, the shanks and of course, the club throws.

By lunch time, golf was finished and forgotten- we were off to braai, have a fines session and, obviously, watch the Boks play in the World Cup.


In typical boys fashion, the bloke buying the supplies, bought rolls, burger patties, brandy, coke and gin. That was us for the evening! The fire was lit, two bottles of gin were put on the table and fines commenced. More superb piss taking ensued.


Watching a big game with loads of lads is the best way to do it. On a boys weekend, whether you’re the guy who’s obsessed with rugby, the one who’s not that amped or somewhere in the middle, when the men in green and gold take to the field you’ll be screaming your lungs out!

Once the rugby is over, the night continues until the last lad enters his brandy infused sleep. By 9am, the accommodation is empty and we’re all back home sleeping the afternoon away in the comfort of our own beds.

The main point is – don’t waste your weekends, get a group of lads together for a night away. I guarantee you’ll come back feeling hungover, but refreshed and tired from laughing non stop. There really is nothing like sport, drinks, braai and a good time with good mates.


  • Get a good nights rest the day before, you’ll need it.
  • Pack a Lucozade/Redbull to keep you going, in fact – pack a few.
  • Don’t expect gourmet food
  • Don’t peak to early, you don’t want to fall asleep early around the lads.
  • Pack a blanket and a pillow, you never know where you’ll need to sleep.
  • Pack a thick skin and your sense of humour, you’ll need it for a weekend of piss taking.

What you waiting for? Go do it!

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