Cape Town welcome the Springboks and the World Cup trophy

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Today was one of the best days I’ve had in years. The Springboks victory parade came to Cape Town and the CBD was absolutely packed.

After last weeks heroics against England, South Africa was told we’ll be getting a World Cup trophy open bus parade all around the country. Immediately the whattsapp groups started pinging with mates wanting to book tables on Long street for breakfast and beers to watch our lads show off the extra bit of luggage they brought back from Japan.

We met for breakfast on Kloof street, where everyone around us was in Bok tops or wearing green. There was already an atmosphere building. We took a stroll down to Long Street at 10:30 and found ourselves a table on a balcony of one of the many bars. We were slightly disappointed with the turnout, but deep down, we knew we live in Cape Town, which means everyone will arrive at the last possible moment.

Thankfully, as expected, by 11:30 the crowds had completely filled the streets and the Boks were on their way.  About eight police vehicles turned into Long street making sure the crowds were not in the road and there was enough space for the bus. In front of the police though, was a very random gentleman on a tractor, just hooting and waving his cap and SA flag, behind him was a man on a bicycle handing out free hugs. All very bizarre, but was a perfect addition to the party atmosphere.

The main event followed with the Boks, and in particular, Siya in a very jovial mood. It’s tough to explain the atmosphere when they came past. There was just people losing their minds, screaming as loud as they could, and the players felt that. Endless fist pumps, “Yes Bokke” and “COME ON!” were coming from the bus. The electric atmosphere didn’t stop until the bus was out of sight. Truly one of the best moment I’ve experienced.



We all know this country has had a pretty miserable year, but this past week, and today in particular, this country has been a sensational place to live. Every person, from all walks of life have been embracing each other and wherever you go, people are talking about rugby with strangers and have huge smiles on their faces. We need to all commit to keep this way of life continuing for as long as possible.

It’s now become a national cliché, but it’s a fact…. We’re stronger together!

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