5 sportsman we don’t like and 5 that we do

The sporting arena is a glittering kaleidoscope of personalities – some likeable and others – meh, not so much. Obviously, reaching the pinnacle of your sporting profession and pulling on national colours grants you immediate access to a highly exclusive club. This fame and celebrity could easily go to your head. And oh boy does […]

6 Players That Prove Dylan Hartley Might Be A Success

With Eddie Jones confirming that English scoundrel Dylan Hartley is his captain – we got to thinking – do players walking the tight rope between right and wrong make good captains? Dylan Hartely has spent over 40 weeks on the sideline due to disciplinary indiscretions in his career and while selecting him might be a […]

#LeftBacksHigh5: Prestigious Coaching Gigs

Favoured to the fill the void left by Lancaster, ex Springbok boss Jake White has referred to the England coaching gig as one of the “prime jobs in World Sport.” This is a little perplexing, I mean what is this kind of statement based on? Money? Sure. Power? Totally. Results or popularity? You must be […]

#LeftBackHigh5: 5 Biggest Sportsmen

While some sportsmen have personalities and egos that are larger than life – others are biologically immense. Their physical stature creates an intimidating presence that almost always gets sports fans talking and opponents cowering. In this week’s #LeftBackHigh5, we take a closer look at 5 athletes that are large and in charge. Disclaimer: While it would’ve […]

#TuesdayHIGH5: Most Expensive Sporting Events

Those who know me personally will know that the missus and I are embarking on a pilgrimage to the rugby homeland. That’s right – we’re heading to England for the semi and final of Rugby World Cup 2015! We won’t, however, be visiting the stadiums for the games due to the fact that a ticket will […]

#MondayHIGH5: 5 things rugby can learn from the NFL

Sunday night the New England Patriots were crowned World Champions after beating the Seattle Seahawks at SuperBowl 49 – one of the sporting world’s most watched sporting events. The showpiece usually attracts over 100 million viewers annually and is an apt climax to what is without a doubt one of the most well organized, well […]