Chelsea and Spurs. Title run-in

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With Chelsea being out-played by Manchester United, many people are suggesting Spurs are back in the title race. We can’t see it though, so let’s take a look at the run-in

Tottenham Hotspur have not lost or drawn in the Premier League in their last seven matches and have just blown everyone away. In their seven straight wins, they’ve scored 22 goals and only conceded 4, while Chelsea have won five of their last seven games, scoring 13 goals and conceding 9.

So Spurs have pulled back six points in the title race since the end of February, but are still four points back and four points would probably be all they need to get back as their goal difference is eight better than Chelsea’s. We just can’t see Chelsea dropping many more points though and we also can’t see Spurs winning another six games in a row – which would mean 13 straight wins.


Chelsea are a solid team, with strength in depth. One bad loss doesn’t make them a terrible side overnight. Their remaining fixtures look very decent. They face Southampton, Middlesbrough, Watford and Sunderland and the Bridge and travel to Everton and West Brom. You can’t see them losing two or three of these games.

Spurs are very exciting to watch this season. Alli, Eriksen, Kane and Son have provided huge entertainment, but with Arsenal and Manchester United coming to White Hart Lane and Spurs having to travel to Palace, West Ham, Leicester and Hull – you can see a few points being dropped.


The first thing that stands out in this run-in graphic is how Chelsea almost always play first. Meaning there’s far less pressure on them. If Spurs were playing first and reducing the gap to just one point, there would be loads more pressure on the Blues.

I see both sides winning their next fixture against Southampton and Palace respectively – meaning they’ll go to 78 and 74 points

Everton away is the only game I can see Chelsea dropping points, but Spurs play Arsenal later in the afternoon and Wenger and the fans will be all over The Gunners to ruin Spurs title hopes, and I think they will. Both teams to draw.  Chelsea 79 points, Spurs 75.

Spurs to beat West Ham to get the gap to one points on May 5th, but Chelsea to thump both Middlesbrough and West Ham a few days later.

Chelsea 85 points, Spurs 78.

Then May 14 and 15 is where I see the title race being put to bed. I think United will get a draw from Spurs, reducing the gap to six points but Chelsea will beat Watford at the Bridge to extend their lead to nine points and raise the Premier League trophy.  Chelsea 88 points, Spurs 79

Spurs will then beat both Leicester and Hull to get 85 points, while Chelsea will destroy bottom of the log Sunderland on the final day to finish on 91 points and win the league by 6 points and make it look comfortable.

What are your thoughts? Do you disagree with us and think Spurs can reel in Chelsea? Let us know @LeftBacks

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