Dear Santa: a sports fan’s Christmas wish list

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2014 has flown by quicker than a Dale Steyn short ball and Christmas is all of a sudden upon us.  It’s been busy here at LeftBacks HQ, so we totally forgot to send our wish list to the North Pole.

Luckily, we’re confident that a week is enough time for the fat, bearded old man to get our presents across the pond and down our chimney. This is our letter to Mr Claus.

Dear Santa,

We’re a pair of sports mad boys, and we’ve been very good this year, so if it’s not too much trouble we’d like to put the following on your radar:

A set of French Boules


It’s summer and it’s holidays – that means a few things. Braais in the garden, relaxing on the beach or getting out of town a while. The game of Boules marries up perfectly with all of the above. It’s one of the best things to play on the grass while the fire is going or to play on the beach. The balls are made of chrome so they can’t really be damaged, and you can play with wet hands after a dive in the ocean or the pool and they’ll be fine.

We want these please, Santa. You can collect them on sale at Kalahari for R272:

 A pair of Asics Gel-Lyte33 Running shoes


As you know, Bruce enjoys his running and has the Two Oceans half marathon coming up in April. Santa, you might remember bringing Bruce a pair of Asics three years ago. Well, he’d love to upgrade to the latest pair, please. Running a marathon in new shoes is never recommended, so a December delivery should give him more than enough time to wear them in and comfortably finish the race.

At R1,400 they are slightly expensive, but thankfully Flook have them for 40% cheaper at R839:

A Springbok Jersey

Bok Jersey

Sticking with Asics, the new Springbok Rugby Jersey is amazing. That’s enough to make it a desirable gift, but with a World Cup happening in 2015, we’d love to be wearing it for every Bok game and any other day for that matter.

Takealot are selling it for R649:

 FIFA 15


As I’m sure you’re well aware, Santa, games make for great Christmas presents and there’s no greater sporting game than FIFA 15. The Leftbacks enjoy nothing more than getting the mates over, picking a side and then enjoying a winner-takes-all FIFA tournament.

Please can you help us make this happen? BTGames are selling it for R740.90:

Tickets to the New Years Test


Firstly, Santa, let me apologise for the language we used last year when the New Year’s test was cancelled. You need to understand: for our entire childhood, every January, we used to go to Newlands. We started out meeting other random kids and playing cricket in the Newlands nets, and as we grew older, we spent the five days under the oaks, with a cold amber refreshment in hand.

Last year this sacred ritual was taken away from us, and we didn’t know how to contain the rage. This year, sanity has prevailed and we have our Test back. The West Indies are in town and we really want to watch the Proteas dominate them.

We won’t be greedy and ask you for all five days, we don’t think it will last that long, so how about days one, two and three? Get them at TicketPros

A case of Windhoek Draught


Surely this doesn’t surprise you Santa? We are men, we love sport and we love Windhoek beer. Also, it’s summer, there are going to be pools, there are going to be braais – and there has to be Windhoek.

We’ll leave one out for you instead of milk so you can taste the glory for yourself. You’re welcome!

You don’t need a link for this one, Santa, buy it anywhere.

A pair of Puma sneakers

Puma1 Puma3Puma2

We have an unhealthy obsession with Puma’s suede sneakers. They’re all amazing, but the three above are our favourites. Surprise us with whichever pair you like.

Zando are selling them at a very reasonable price:

Backyard cricket balls 


The Leftbacks cannot get enough of backyard cricket. It’s December – who doesn’t love garden cricket? The most important part of this game is not the wickets. A couple of crates or a wall or a tree will do. Bats can be any old thing – even your dad’s old 1980’s Laser.

It’s all in the ball – a backyard ball can’t be too hard that you need to wear pads, but not too soft that it bounces over the wall. We’ve found these beauties on the Mr Price Sport  website:

Go on, Santa, get them for us and make our holidays. They come in a three-pack – perfect for that cousin that’s “just come from province trials” and moers the wall into the garden three houses down.

That’s a fairly solid list, Santa. You should be able to fill our stockings to the brim.

Yours in Christmas cheer,

The LeftBacks

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