Fantasy Football – GW29

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With the midweek fixtures, we decided it was time to take a risk. Very often, managers forget to change their sides for midweek games – meaning it’s a great time to climb the overall rankings. We took a huge risk and dropped Kane for Costa and gave him the armband.

This week, Cresswell (6) kept a clean sheet as well as Stoke, meaning Butland (8) and Wollscheid (9) scored big for us! Siggy played Arsenal and only the second half, but still managed an assist and 4 points, Mahrez also got an assist meaning he picked up 6 points. Up front, Costa got a goal, 2 bonus points and being captain meant he brought in 16 points for us.

We managed 58 points, when the overall average was just 35, which meant we climbed a MASSIVE 27,000 positions. We’re now in position 25,8860 out of over 3.6 million people.  We’re delighted but want to climb another 6,000 places to get into the top 20,000.



It’s a tough one this week. Costa has done his job for us, we said last week that he’s coming in just for the two weeks, but there’s rumours he’ll now be rested for the weekends match because of their Champions League fixture next week. We’re also thinking of either strengthening our defence or maybe bringing in a City midfielder for their match against Villa.


We going to bring Kane straight back in for Costa. We would love to not make this change, but Costa seems like he’ll be rested and Spurs are playing Arsenal, who will be without Koscielny and Cech, so Kane may very well score. We’ve decided not to bring in Williams for Moreno or Silva for Wijnaldum. We’ll rather keep the point hits to zero. Nervously, Alli is on our bench.



Bit of a no-brainer! Villa have conceded 51 goals this season, they are utter rubbish. There’s a huge part of us wanting to Triple Captain Aguero for this game, but we’ll rather wait for a double gameweek.


What changes are you making this week?  Share your thoughts with us @Leftbacks on Twitter or in the comments below.

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