Fantasy Football – GW30

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We’ve been on a bit of a roll for 7 or 8 gameweeks now and we were hoping to keep it going this week, and luckily for us – we did.

There were no clean-sheets in our team, but Alderweireld (7) managed to score a goal and Butland (5) made a few saves and picked up a bonus point. In midfield, Mahrez (11) and Sigurdsson (10) both scored a goal and picked up three bonus points. Up front, Kane (6) scored and Aguero (22), who had our armband, scored twice and got three bonus points. He missed a penalty which could have got him loads more points for us.

We managed 70 points, when the overall average was just 53, but strangely we dropped 2,000 places. Tough at the top! We’re now in position 28,040 out of over 3.6 million people.  We’re delighted but want to climb into the top 20,000.



The main thing this week is to field 11 players. There is only 5 fixtures, meaning that many teams will only be fielding 7,8 or 9 players. We’ve known about this blank gameweek for a while, so have planned for it. We have 11 players that will be playing, but had a thought during the week – Manchester City are playing this week and will have a double gameweek soon, so we need to load up with City players.


We brought in Wijnaldum a few weeks ago, knowing that Newcastle played this gameweek, but he’s really done nothing. We have a lot of money in the bank – so were able to afford David Silva.



At the moment we have Aguero as captain, but we’re not fans of captaining lunchtime kick-off’s. So we may change to Kane or Vardy.


What changes are you making this week?  Share your thoughts with us @Leftbacks on Twitter or in the comments below.

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