Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 12

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Last week I said that I finally felt happy with my squad as a whole, and my instincts proved true. Aside from not having the balls to captain Aguero for fear of him being rested against QPR, I had a decent gameweek. I captained Di Maria, who got an assist and six points.

Krul and Dummett got me a third clean sheet in four gameweeks, and are bizarrely turning out to be absolute bargains in my defensive line. Clyne got me a clean sheet – but that’s almost not even worth a mention as it’s becoming standard. My front line were my other impressive performers, with Aguero scoring twice, Pelle with an assist and Costa also finding the net. If I had to find a negative, it would be benching Siggy instead of Mason.

A total of 61, when the average was 51, meant I generally stayed in a similar position. I’m now outside the top 1000 in the country and just inside the top 100 000 globally. I need to up my game if I want a top 20 000 finish.





If you read last week’s article, you’ll remember me saying Sanchez is the “must have” player in fantasy football at the moment (obviously), but I couldn’t find a way of getting both him and Aguero in. Well, he went and scored AGAIN last gameweek. That’s now 6 goals in his last 4 games. Sensational form.

As with last week, I don’t have the money to add him to my side. I may wait another week before trying to find a way to get him in.  Di Maria is yellow at the moment, which means he has a 75% chance of playing so, if anyone, I’d consider replacing him.

I never believe clubs when they say they have injuries during an international break. It’s been a ploy for years to fake an injury so the players are not risked on international duty. For example, a few players who have been “injured” over this break include Fabregas,  Wilson, Tadic, Henderson and Schneiderlin. Let’s see how many of those 5 are fit for this weekend’s fixtures.


With not enough in the bank to bring in Sanchez, and not wanting to make two changes at a four point penalty, I’ve decided to leave my side as it is. With games like Arsenal v Man Utd and Man City v Swansea, taking a four point hit and bringing in a player from one of these teams seems too risky.




As I’m sure it will be for a long time, or until one of them does a hamstring, the decision lies between Costa and Aguero. This week I’ve gone for Costa, for the simple reason that West Brom seem to consistently concede two goals a game. They’ve conceded two or more goals six times in the opening 11 games. So I’m hoping Costa will increase his goal tally this weekend. Naturally, Aguero will be my vice captain.


What changes are you making this week? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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