Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 15

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Aguero, Aguero, Aguero! DAMNIT AGUERO.

It’s one thing not being able to afford Aguero, and instead have Costa, Hazard, Sanchez, or all three of them – it’s a whole other thing having Aguero and not captaining him. I was one of those fools. I was convinced that Sunderland would put up a similar fight to what they displayed against Chelsea, so I captained Bony, who I was sure would fire against QPR. Alas – it didn’t happen.

Nonetheless, my side did well otherwise. Not captaining Aguero was the difference between decent and excellent. The City striker scored two, assisted one and grabbed three bonus points. Hazard and last week’s purchase, Mata, also got on the score sheet for me, Bony got an assist and Taylor helped my defence with a clean sheet.

59 points, with an average 49 surprisingly didn’t mean green arrows, instead I slipped down the ranking. I’m now just inside the top 1500 in the country and 90,000th globally. I need a positive festive season if I want a top 20 000 finish.




With three gameweeks in seven days, teams can change quickly as loads of injuries occur. My sides main issue is its defence. My risk of bringing in Jonny Evans last week hasn’t paid off as he’s not match-fit; Neil Taylor is suspended for picking up five yellow cards (four in the league and one in the Capital One Cup); and Alex Bruce is out of favour at Hull. Not only that, but Dummett and Wilson are facing Chelsea and Arsenal respectively. So it’s safe to say I need to use this week’s free change to get a defender in, and not expect any clean sheets.


I’d love to get rid of Wilson or Dummett, who both have horrible upcoming fixtures, but the sad reality is that I then wouldn’t be able to field a full squad. So I’m going to get rid of Alex Bruce, who has played a measly 143 minutes this season. A full squad of players who actually start is the first rule of fantasy football.

With only 4.3 to spend, I have to get in a budget defender. For that price, there are only two players that interest me: Andre Wisdom and Alan Hutton. Their fixtures are much of a muchness, with both having two easy games and one tough one in their next three encounters. By means of a coin toss I’ve selected Alan Hutton.

It’s unlikely that Evans will play this week,  but I will put him in the starting 11 and just hope he does.




Ah, the eternal dilemma! I captained Aguero once in gameweek nine, and he got two points. Since then I haven’t captained him and his scores have been 8, 13, 2, 7 and 16. I’m not going to captain him again, yip – I never learn!

I’m banking on Diego Costa feeling well rested after his suspension and hopefully hungry for goals.  Newcastle have only conceded two goals in their last five games, so I’m very nervous about my decision. Aguero will get the vice captaincy.


What changes are you making this week? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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