Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 18

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It’s official – I have given up trying to select a captain! With Bony getting my teams captaincy arm band, he was benched by Swansea. I was ok though, because Downing was my vice captain and had 10 points, but alas, Bony came off the bench and played 15 minutes, getting one point. I’m absolutely clueless when it comes to captains.  My Last five gameweek captains have produced the following scores:

Gameweek 13: Di Maria – 1 point (Vice captained scored 7 points)

Gameweek 14: Bony – 5 points (Vice captain scored 16 points)

Gameweek 15: Costa – 1 point (Vice captain scored 1 point)

Gameweek 16: Lukaku – 5 points (Vice captain 14 points)

Gameweek 17: Bony – 1 point (Vice captain 10 points)

So my captains points doubled in the past five gameweeks gives me a total of 26, if I had gone with my vice captains, their total would have been 96. Nightmare.

43 points, with an average of 47 meant the standard red arrows for the fourth time in five weeks.  I’m now only just inside the top 2000 in the country and 125 000th globally. Pathetic! Nowhere near good enough for my side.




I’m generally OK with my side and don’t think it needs any tinkering at the moment. With it being the Christmas season, injuries are a certainty – so two free transfers will be like gold dust.


For now, I will not be making a change. BUT, with Chelsea kicking off at 12:45, it means we may get an indication if someone is being rested before the fantasy window closes. If Hazard is rested, I will bring Cazorla in his place and if Costa is rested, I’ll bring Giroud into my side. But if they are not rested, I’ll save my free transfer.




This is where I need help now. As you read above, I am having no luck with my captaincy decisions this year. So I will leave it up to a vote. There’s a few options this week, with Costa, Hazard, Bony, Lukaku, Siggy or Yaya or able to score big this week. Please vote, and please choose better than I have been.


What changes are you making this week? Share your thoughts with us @Leftbacks on Twitter and tweet us who you think we should captain.

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