Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 23

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Right – easy stuff out the way first, I chose the wrong captain! SHOCK! That’s about the 22nd week in a row that I’ve done so. It doesn’t actually bother me anymore, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m useless at captain picks.

De Gea (7), Downing (11) and Costa (16) all scored decent points for me this week whilst captain Kane got 2. Manchester United kept a clean sheet but Evans got taken off after 56 minutes, four minutes more and he would have got six points instead of one. LvG clearly doesn’t have Evans in his fantasy side.

52 points, with an average of 52 meant my side is as average as you can get. Choosing my captain incorrectly has cost me hundreds of points this season. After finishing 2,700th only two seasons ago, my position is now nothing short of embarrassing.  I’m  only just outside the top 5000 in the country and 330 000th globally. Ridiculously poor! Nowhere near good enough for my side.





I’ve had two weeks to think about my wildcard team, and I have about eight drafts saved of what it can look like. But I think I’ll wait this week, because of Chelsea playing City and even Southampton playing Swansea provides too many of my potential players in the same game for my liking. So I’ll play it on Saturday and have a week to perfect it.


Evans is clearly out of favour at United, partially because Jones is fit again and partially because the Scot is generally useless. So I’ve decided to get Evans out and bring in Phil Jones.

In midfield, I’ve decided to give up on Silva, and FINALLY bring in Alexis Sanchez. Yes, I’m 15 weeks to late on this one, but I’ve just never been in the position to afford him. So this will be my team before I play my Wildcard next week.




For what this even matters…. I’ve chosen Sanchez. Alexis – I know you not reading this, but I apologise in advance for you having a poor match this weekend. It’s my fault for choosing you as captain. Side-note, I see Alexis has a potential hamstring injury and may not play – in which case, Di Maria will get the arm-band.


What changes are you making this week? Share your thoughts with @Leftbacks on Twitter and tweet me who you think I should captain.

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