Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 9

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Last week I decided not to believe Jose Mourinho and keep Costa in my side and captain him. Unfortunately for me, and hundreds of thousands of other managers, Jose was telling the truth – Costa did not play. Thankfully, I had Pelle sitting on my bench, who came into my side with 15 points. Sergio Aguero and Dusan Tadic were the men of the weekend with 19 and 23 points respectively. I didn’t have either of these players and was in a bit of a panic on Saturday afternoon thinking I was going to lose serious ground on the rest of the league, but my risk of playing Krul and Dummett from Newcastle, despite their poor form, seemed to pay off with the pair getting me 14 points.  I finished with 70 gameweek points, with the average being 49, I had green arrows in my private leagues but red arrows in the overall league. I now sit in 313th place in the country and 20,596th globally.



 gameweek 8 points



This week is definitely one of the tougher decisions I’ve had to make. Do I get rid of Costa? Do I chase Aguero? My main issue is actually next weekend – when Chelsea play QPR, I would want Costa for that game, but is it worth leaving 11 million on the bench for the week. Another issue is whether Di Maria will be fit to play and will Lallana make Liverpool’s starting XI?

Players that are currently tempting me are: Aguero, Tadic, Lamela, Barkley, Baines and Downing.


I’ve decided to make 2 changes, taking the 4 point hit this week, to get Aguero in for Costa and Lallana out for Barkley. I just can’t take the “will he – won’t he” with Costa, and Aguero is in fine form. Lallana was brought into my side last week with Liverpool playing QPR, but he didn’t perform and with Courtinho scoring in the Champions League I’m not sure if Lallana’s place is guaranteed. So I’ve decided to bring in Ross Barkley. The Everton midfielder is back from injury and at 6.7, seems too tempting.

I once again have a problem: who do I bench? With my midfielders and strikers all having decent fixtures, I had to choose between benching Eden Hazard or Angel DiMaria. I can’t believe this is the choice I have – they are two of the best midfielders in the premiership. In the end I have decided to bench ADM, as the United defence is poorer than the Chelsea defence, and secondly, if Diego Costa does not play, there is a chance Hazard may play a more advanced role.


 FF GW 9




Another really tough decision to make. Pelle is tempting against Stoke, Welbeck plays Sunderland and Sigurdsson plays Leicester. But in the end, I’ve gone for in-form City striker, Sergio Aguero


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