Hanging With The LeftBacks: Juan’s Top 5 Amping Songs

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If you’re anything like us here at LeftBacks HQ, if you leave your iPod at home when going to your local gym, you turn around and exercise another day.

Music plays a massive role in not only getting through exercise but also in getting you ready for it. In this two part series – we thought we’d take a look at Juan and Bruce’s playlists of amping tunes – perfect for tackling any challenge.


5) Slipknot – Eyeless

This song is certainly not for everyone but it was always my go to song in the build up to any match. If a Slipknot scream fest doesn’t get you angry – nothing will.

Listen to when: You’re 2 minutes from lining up to take the field.

4) Fenix Tx – All My Fault

An upbeat number – there is nothing like a bit of punk to get the blood pumping. String a couple of these together and you have my gym playlist.

Listen to when: You’re on the treadmill and are three minutes away from your personal best.

3) Boston – More Than A Feeling

This song has the rare distinction of working perfectly before, during and after sport. The slowest song on the list, the last 2 minutes of this song has to be some of the finest music ever written.

Listen to when: You’re driving home after a long day and you need a healthy dose of motivation.

2) Bad Religion – You

Anyone who ever played Tony Hawk 3 will remember this song with fond nostalgia – it’s a killer tune – suitable for getting you amped to do just about anything.

Listen to when: You are looking for the perfect song to kick off your workout routine.

1) The Offspring – All I Want

I swear that I once listened to this song 17 times in a row and only lost 30 minutes of my life – what a tune. People who know me well will know that I once fancied myself as a bit of a bodyboarder and for me, this was the siren song for the surfing culture.

Listen to when: The weather is perfect, the surf spot is quiet and the waves are a solid 6 foot of epicness.

There ya go guys – Juan’s top 5 choices for getting amped – any tunes he’s left off the list? As always, hit us with a comment or a tweet @leftbacks

Stick around, in our next instalment of hanging with the LeftBack – we’ll be bringing you Bruce’s list of amping tunes.

Till then. LeftBacks out!

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