#LeftBackHigh5: 5 Biggest Sportsmen

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While some sportsmen have personalities and egos that are larger than life – others are biologically immense. Their physical stature creates an intimidating presence that almost always gets sports fans talking and opponents cowering.

In this week’s #LeftBackHigh5, we take a closer look at 5 athletes that are large and in charge.

Disclaimer: While it would’ve be easy (and accurate) to fill this top 5 with WWE superstars – we’ve decided to keep it to a giant per sport.

5) Cameron Skelton
Sport: Rugby
Height: 6ft9
Weight: 153kgs


We’ll kick things off with the smallest man on the list. The “baby brother” of Waratahs and Wallaby lock, Will, Cameron is somewhat of a man mountain standing 6.9” tall and tipping the scales at 153 kgs. Must be something in the water at casa Skelton.

Even so, in my opinion, I’d tackle Skelton before I tackled Springbok hardman Etzebeth

4) Terrell Brown
Sport: NFL
Height: 6ft10
Weight: 183kgs


NFL is a sport that, much like basketball, seems to attract the behemoths of the world and while rugby and NFL fans often engage in a fierce debate about who is tougher – the argument for who is bigger is a one sided one. NFL linemen (the okes who form the ‘line’ during a scrimmage) are generally massive and it’s not usual for them to stand around 6ft4 and weigh 150kgs plus. Terrell Brown makes those okes look small – look at him.

3) Big Show
Sport: WWE
Height: 7ft
Weight: 192kgs


As we mentioned in our disclaimer above – WWE superstars are generally giants of the sporting world and it would be easy to include 5 of them here. While guys like the Great Khali and the Undertaker could’ve challenged the Big Show for this title – his weight tips the scales in his favour. Hard to not be terrified at the thought of nearly 200kgs falling on top of you.

2) Mohammad Irfan
Sport: Cricket
Height: 7ft1
Weight: 117kgs


While Mohammed might be the second tallest in our list – he is probably the least scary, except of course when he is bearing down on you on a cricket pitch. Sure you have a bat to protect yourself but the height and pace he is able to generate from way up there is a scary thought. Not that he does though, but he could.

1) Roy Hibbert
Sport: Basketball
Height: 7ft2
Weight: 127kgs


While the collective egos of the Australian cricket team were stiff competition here – ultimately, Roy is number one on our list of the biggest athletes in world sport. This Jamaican born man mountain currently represents the Indiana Pacers in the NBA and at a whooping 7ft2, he is the tallest guy on our list. He might also be the most talented – scooping a number of accolades during his career including two NBA all star awards in 2012 and 2014.

There you have it – 5 of the sporting world’s biggest athletes – any we have left off the list? As usual, get involved, comment on this article or hit us with a tweet @leftbacks.

Until next week!


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