#LeftBackHigh5: 5 Hilarious Australianisms

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G’day mates! Here at LeftBacks HQ, when we’re nothing but a couple of blokes knocking back a few pints and putting ‘nother shrimp on the barbie – we talk about a range of things. We talk news, we talk weather and sometimes when it gets late – we talk about the ridiculousness of some of the words uttered by our Austrailian frienemies across the pond.

Oh strewth, have we heard a few gems in our time – we call them Australianisms.

In this week’s #High5, we take a closer look at 5 great examples:

5) Nut/Pill/Prune/Six stitcher

English translation: “ball”

Whether you’re watching rugby league, union, AFL, cricket or bowls – expect Australian commentators to dazzle you with their wit and creativity when it comes to describing the central object of any given sport.

4) Five Eighth (5/8)

English translation: “flyhalf” “inside centre”

Ok, we’ll admit that these are words used more by New Zelanders but in our opinion, that’s geographically close enough to be considered an Australianism. Now the logic of this name and how it came to be is a story for another day, all you really need to know at this stage is that here, they’re referring to a 10 or 12.

3) Sitter/Dolly/Pie

English translation: “a very easy catch”

Blimey, but it’s strange how many of these easy catches end badly. One painful example that springs to mind was in World Cup 1999 when Herschelle Gibbs caught Steve Waugh and, due to a bit of premature celebration, was adjudged to have put the catch down. Waugh famously tuned Gibbs, “you’ve just dropped the World Cup, mate.”

2) Fair Dinkum

English translation: “true, real, genuine”

While this Australianism is not necessarily only related to sport – you can easily imagine an Aussie commentator pointing out that a contest was a “bloody fair dinkum spectacle”. Except when they lose, then you can expect nothing but excuses.

1) Bushman’s Hanky

English translation: “the process of cleaning one’s nose by pressing down one nostril with the index finger, and aggressively snorting out the other.”

Not sure this one really needs further explanation. We all know sportsmen do it – we see it happen all the time. We just can’t quite comprehend why the Australian’s have chosen to give it a name.

There ya have it sports fans – 5 Australianisms that we all know and love explained. Have we left off the list that you can think of? Hit us with a comment or tweet us @leftbacks.

Until next time,

LeftBacks out!

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