#LeftBacksHigh5: Prestigious Coaching Gigs

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Favoured to the fill the void left by Lancaster, ex Springbok boss Jake White has referred to the England coaching gig as one of the “prime jobs in World Sport.”

This is a little perplexing, I mean what is this kind of statement based on?

Money? Sure. Power? Totally. Results or popularity? You must be joking.

In this week’s #LeftBacksHigh5. we take a look at (at least) 5 coaching jobs that would almost certainly be more prime than coach of the English Roses. We are going to use two quick and dirty measures here. The one is results over the last 10 games, the other is Likes on Facebook as a measure of popularity.

To set the scene – let’s take a closer look at England.

Last 10 results: WLLWWLWWWL
Facebook Likes: 1 614 519

Right, now let’s get into our list.

4) All Blacks
Last 10 results: WWWWWWWLWW
Facebook Likes: 3 445 440

Let’s start with a really obvious one.

Coaching the All Blacks would be ahem… primer in every sense of the word.

Not only are the current world champs a formidable rugby team with a unbelievable record over the course of the last 4 years but they are constantly spoken about as one of the best sporting teams on the planet. Period.

That is prime.

3) FC Barcelona
Last 10 results: WLWWLWWWWD
Facebook Likes: 87 707 271

Barcelona probably have a villa devoted to their trophy cabinet.

Winners of 66 Spanish league titles and 17 European titles – they are consistently competitive, often attracting the world’s top talent.

I could be wrong, but I think this might be a bit more prestigious.

2) Denver Broncos (or another NFL team for that matter)
Last 10 results: LWWWWWWLWL
Facebook Likes: 3 847 721

So the Broncos haven’t won the most silverware in the NFL but over the course of the last couple of season – them and the Patriots – have probably been the most competitive.

With the 2015 NFL season already a couple of weeks old – the Broncos lost their first game a few weeks ago – starting the season 0 and 7.

When last has English rugby strung 5 wins in a row together?

1) Cricket Australia
Last 10 results: WWWWWWWLLW
Facebook Likes: 332 651

Reigning World champions, Australia are another international outfit that bring with them a massive expectation.

Many of the world’s best players have thrown on the Baggy Green and as a union – they have won the World Cup numerous times. Including a hat trick a couple of years ago.

Ok so their Likes on Facebook are (un)surprisingly low but just like the other 3 above them – they consistent world beaters.

Ok, you got us – that was only 4 but if you include the rest of the teams in the NFL, the NBA and possibly even the NHL – you’ll quickly find that coach of England is not nearly top of the list.

All jokes aside though – we wish Jake well and truly hope he gets the job this time.

Until next time, LeftBacks out!

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