#MondayHIGH5: 5 Shades of Sporting Grey-tness

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Here at LeftBacks HQ we were just as surprised as the next guy to learn that Fifty Shades of Grey smashed 20-year-old records at the Box Office.

Hard to believe that light erotica can be so popular – Mills and Boon have been doing it for years.

So in that vein we got to thinking…what sort of modifications would a sports match appealing on that kind of level?


In this week’s #MondayHIGH5 we investigate.

5) Plenty of scoring

Just like 50 Shades of Grey, a great match usually needs plenty of scoring. Think about it – City trouncing United 6 – 1, the Bulls beating the Reds 92 – 3, and of course the memorable 438 game between us and our old foes, Australia.

The bottom line is that we love to see people score.

4) An eager crowd

A film like 50 Shades of Grey demands a certain level of voyeurism. The impact of an interested spectator is profound – how many times has a vocal Springbok crowd drowned out the All Blacks’ haka?

We just love to watch people perform.

3) The unusual

Now I have it on good authority that 50 Shades of Grey contains plenty of the unusual and similarly, a truly exceptional sporting match features something out of the ordinary. A one of a kind goal, 149 runs off 43 balls – those extraordinary moments often make for lively Monday morning discussion around the water cooler.

2) An element of risk

Apparently the main characters in the book throw caution to the wind on more than one occasion. Similarly a satisfying sporting encounter often features a fair degree of risk. An untried strategy that pays off, a brave selection, a body on the line try saving tackle – we love to see a team go for broke with everything on the line.

1) A climatic finish

There is probably more than one climatic ending in the film, but in the context of sport I think we can all agree that we love to see a close finish – particularly when it features a come from behind performance. We want to see matches decided in the last minute or on the last ball. Winning that kind of game often makes for the most satisfying of victories.

There it is –  have we forgotten any other deeply pleasurable sporting moment? Drop us a comment or tweet us @LeftBacks on Twitter!

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