Puma release new colours for the evoPOWER Vigor and evoSPEED SL-S boots

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Football season is upon us and if you haven’t started your pre-season fitness, best you stop reading this and get on it. With the season about to start, Puma have released two new colours for their evoPower and evoSpeed boots and they are EPIC!

These evoPower Vigor boots get a striking Ultra Yellow and Orange colour up and will be worn by Giroud, Bartra and Weigl. The idea behind these are that the boot has stretchable upper support, which will mimic the motion of kicking barefoot.

These are the new evoSpeed SL-S boot that will also be released in the Ultra Yellow and Orange colour. The difference with these boot are that they so much lighter – resulting in you being able to get off the mark quicker. These will be worn by Griezman, Aguero and Bellerin.

Look, they’re not cheap – but I think they are seriously sexy and will be worth the R3,499 (evoPower) and R2,799 (evoSpeed) that they’ll set you back. It’s a toss up between the two for me, I like the look of the evoPower but with my non-existent pace, I could do with a lighter boot, and lets be honest – if Giroud, Bartra and Weigl were having a 3-a-side match against Griezman, Aguero and Bellerin, I’d back the evoSpeed SL-S team to win. And with that logic…. I’m going to get myself a pair of the evoSpeed boots.

Good luck for the football season ahead.

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