The search for Cape Town’s greatest ribs – Hudsons

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A great evening includes sport on the big screen and some tasty grub. After a craving for ribs a while back – a discussion ensued about which restaurant in Cape Town serves the greatest ribs. We then decided that we’re going to try a bunch of places and rate them for your reading (and taste buds) pleasure. The only rule – no big chains like Spur, Cattle Baron etc. Can we find Cape Town’s tastiest ribs?


Our first stop on this quest was the local. Living in Newlands, Hudsons is just around the corner, so we pulled in, checked the menu, order the beef ribs and got a bottle of wine.

What arrived was slightly bizarre. To this day, neither of us are convinced that they were in fact beef ribs. We are almost 100% convinced that they were pork. We couldn’t really care less, because we love pork, and we’re no Matt Preston – but they just seemed too light for beef and tasted like pork.

They peeled off the bone but unfortunately, they left them on the grill for a few minutes too long, leaving them quite burnt. The charred taste aside, they were decent, and I do think that on another day, they could be superb, but on this day, they weren’t.

Overall, the vibe at Hudsons is always great and in their defence, they are known as a burger joint. If this was a burger test, I could find quite a few on their menu to give 10/10. But their ribs didn’t really deliver.


400g BBQ Pork Ribs

Cost: R105

Served with: Chips

Rating: 6.5/10

Which restaurant do you reckon serves Cape Town’s greatest ribs? Let us know by tweeting us at @Leftbacks and we’ll go try them out.

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