#TuesdayHIGH5: 5 Fools of Rugby

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With April Fools’ Day fast approaching, we thought this would be as good a time as any to talk about the guys who haven’t quite bathed themselves in glory – guys, who for this post as least, we’d like to call the fools of rugby.

That said, we’ve dedicated this week’s #TuesdayHIGH5 to five of the most foolish moments on the rugby field – along with cringe worthy videos.

5) Robbie Fleck

Re-watching this video sent shivers up and down my spine, probably because I remember this incident like it happened yesterday. Fleckie had broken through untouched and was cantering toward the try line, only to be tackled by Deon Kayser and subsequently lose the ball.

I think it might’ve also taken place in one of those must-win Stormers games that we find ourselves playing every season.

4) Pieter Van Zyl

While some of these points are made in jest – this one isn’t.

The year was 2002, the Springboks were taking on their old foe New Zealand in Durban, and at a reset scrum in the second half a drunk Pieter Van Zyl charged onto the pitch and proceeded to tackle the crap out of poor unsuspecting Irish referee, Dave McHugh.

This really was one of those moments where I was embarrassed to be South African. So much so, that I didn’t mind at all when McCaw laid a couple on Van Zyl.

3) Ras Dumisani

For me, there are few things more sacred than those two minutes when South Africans unite to sing the national anthem of our country. Ask my wife about the no talking rule.

So you can imagine my disgust when Ras Dumisani performed his tone deaf version in November 2009 against France in Paris. The players were in stitches and I blame him 100% for us going down 20 – 13 that day.

2) Bryce Lawrence

This guy would’ve been number one but he had some serious competition and was edged out right at the end.

Lawrence cost us that world cup quarter final, and potentially much more due to us getting knocked out. Watch this video in which the publisher has been kind enough to point out every mistake Lawrence made. In case you’re wondering just how many mistakes he made – the video is eight minutes long.

I didn’t watch the whole thing for fear of re-igniting my rage.

1) Quotas in sport

This is another one of the more serious issues we are raising in this post.

In the wake of a fresh, enforced Springbok quota, and rumours that political meddling cost us a spot in the Cricket World Cup, SA sports fans are officially sick of foolish quotas in sport. That’s all we’re really going to say on this point – it’s definitely a topic worthy of its own post so we’ll leave it here for now.

There you go: five moments in the rugby world that we’d all rather forget. Have we forgotten any others? Hit us with a comment or pop us a tweet @leftbacks.



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