#TuesdayHIGH5: PDivvy’s Career Choices

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As we’re sure you’ve read in the media today – Pieter De Villiers, everyone’s favourite ex Bok coach -is having a big fat moan about how no one in rugby wants to hire him.


So we got to thinking – what other avenues could he possibly pursue as a career? In this week’s #TuesdayHIGH5 we take a closer look.

5) Communications advisor
De Villiers’ sayings are the stuff of legends with a number of blogs and websites springing up devoted to his verbal gems.

Wouldn’t it be great if SARU took him on board as a communications specialist? The post-match press conference could start charging a cover – an additional revenue stream for them.

4) Magician
One of PdV’s best quotes has to be: “I am going to pull a rat out of the hat.” We can picture him now in a green cape at a children’s party with a top hat in one hand and a rat in the other. Funny and entertaining.

3) Golf coach
The man clearly has an eye for golfing talent – so much so that he once labelled Ruan Pienaar, “the Tiger Woods of rugby”. Perhaps there is a vacancy in Golfing SA at the moment? Anyone know?

2) Manager of refs/TMOs
Never in the history of Springbok rugby has there been a coach that blamed refs/touch judges/TMOs/journalists and fans as much as PDivvy and as long as the officiating is average, he could have a role to play with match officials.

1) President
Could PDivvy write a speech worthy of a state of the nation address or in the run up to an election campaign? Absolutely. In fact, we happen to think that it’s only a matter of time before we see this guy throwing himself into the political game. Watch this space.

And to wrap up, we’ll leave you with this clanger: “The same people who threw their robes on the ground when Jesus rode on a donkey were the same people who crowned him and hit him with sticks, and were the same people who said afterwards how we shouldn’t have done that, he’s the son of God. So that’s exactly what we do. You have to look at history as repeating itself. And I’m not saying that I’m God.”

There you have it folks! Any opportunities we’ve left out? As always, hit us with a comment or tweet us @leftbacks on Twitter.

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