Abramovich was mad to sack The Special One

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I’m not a Chelsea fan at all, but am massively disappointed by the sacking of Jose Mourinho, and this just shows what a massive knob Roman Abramovich actually is.

Hearing the news that The Special One had been sacked left a bitter taste in my mouth. Not because I care about Chelsea, but because it shows what a fickle business football really is.

Yes, Jose seems to have fallen out with his players this season, but for what he did for Chelsea football club, the least he should expect is some loyalty and gratitude. When Mourinho left for Inter Milan and Real Madrid, all Chelsea did was follow his career and wish for his second coming. All the while, Jose couldn’t wait to return either.


He returned, got the players he wanted in his first season and in his second season, won the league and the Capital One Cup. A double in his second season should have resulted in at least a few more seasons at the helm. But his third season, this current one, has been an utter disaster.

It’s obvious that the players are revolting against The Special One. Costa and Hazard are shadows of their former selves. They are world class players playing like Sunday league footballers. Now, to me, this is where my issue comes in – players have too much power in football. If this current Chelsea side were Manchester United under Alex Ferguson, there would be a mass exodus of players. Who remembers what happened to David Beckham, Carlos Tevez, Roy Keane and Jaap Stam when they questioned the boss?

Alex Ferguson was the most successful manager in history, bar none! And it goes down to the fact that the men upstairs trusted him and stuck with him, even in the beginning when he was struggling. I really think the Chelsea hierarchy should have treated Mourinho the same way. Yes, he arrogant, but that just adds to the theatre. He’s a great character and a brilliant manager.

Abramovich had (arguably) the best current manager in the world right now, and because some brats didn’t like the way the manager went about his business, he sacked him. If Abramovich had any loyalty whatsoever, he would have allowed Jose to sack Hazard, Costa and whoever else thought they were bigger than the club and bring in a new crop of players. History shows that he would have attracted world class players and won the league next season and plenty more trophies in the future.


Jose fell out with loads of the top players and even the physio, poor Eva Carneiro. But surely all of this was just stress caused by the players revolt.

He has already won 21 trophies in his 15 year managerial career. He is only 52 years old and could manage for another 20 years if he wanted to. Why would Abramovich be so short sighted and not think what Jose could bring him in the future? Who’s going to do a better job and love the club more than Jose? No-one!

Guus Hiddink will now come in and do OK. Chelsea’s next two fixtures are against Sunderland and Watford. He’ll probably win these two games, which Jose probably would have done too. Is Hiddink a long term solution? Probably not. Was Jose Mourinho a long term solution? Absolutely.

The interviews with the Chelsea fans say it all. They are all highly pissed off with the decision to sack Mourinho. That is all you need to hear. Chelsea will be begging for Mourinho back sooner rather than later, but while Abramovich continues to think he’s playing Championship Manager or Monopoly, Chelsea will never be a settled club.

I can’t wait for Jose Mourinho to release a “tell all” autobiography.


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